Garden Club Of IRC "Showcase of Ornaments" 1992-2021.
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2021 Garden Club of Indian River County Showcase
2020 A.B Michael Bridge at Orchid Island Showcase
2019 Humiston Park Showcase
2018 Centennial of the City Vero Beach showcase
2017 Old Vero Ice age site showcase
2016 Royal Palm Pointe Park showcase
2015 Environmental Learning Center showcase
2014 Jaycee Park& Conn beach showcase
2013 Indian River Lagoon showcase
2012 Cypress Marsh Conservation Area showcase
2011 The Treasure Coast showcase
2009 the Vero Beach Woman's club showcase
2008 Cattlemen of Indian River County showcase
2007 Sebastian inlet showcase
2006 Heritage Center showcase
2005 Vero Beach Municipal Airport showcase
2004 Pochohantas Park showcase
2003 Jungle Trail showcase
2002 Memorial Island showcase
2001 Driftwood Inn showcase
2000 Center for the arts showcase
1999 Mckee Botanical Garden showcase
1998 Pelican Island National Refuge showcase
1997 Indian River Citrus showcase
1996 Downtown Vero Beach showcase
1995 Holeman Stadium at Dodgertown showcase
1994 Merrill Barber Bridge showcase
1993 Ocean Grill showcase
2010 Archie Carr National Wildlife Sanctuary showcase
1992 railroad showcase

The Garden Club of IRC
Presents our 30th Annual Ornament

It is important to consider a number of characteristics in order to understand where the Garden Club of Indian River County makes its home.

Vero was founded in 1925 and was first a part of St. Lucie County. The State Legislature soon created a new county that they named Indian River County. Vero was designated the county seat and was renamed Vero Beach.

This is the story of a unique region blessed with inviting climate, abundant land and far reaching waterways. Settled by resilient pioneers, nurtured by entrepreneurs and the dedication of its citizens, Indian River County entered the 21st century with a rich history upon which to build a limitless future.

It was in this fertile atmosphere a group of 25 women headed by Florence Fitch of New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut became interested in beautifying Vero Beach. Mrs. Fitch and her husband were winter residents of Riomar. She was a member of the Garden Club of America and an officer of the Greenwich Garden Club. She brought her knowledge and enthusiasm and in 1928 founded the Vero Beach Garden Club.

In 1931 the Vero Beach Garden Club became the Indian River Garden Club and in 1993 was renamed The Garden Club of Indian River County. The Club is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Region, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs , Inc., and District X.

2021 Christmas Ornament

Ornament design from an original sketch by Arun Wijetilleke. All proceeds form the sale of this ornament will be used by the Garden Club of Indian River County, Inc. for its projects.

Because of the rapid growth in membership, a committee was formed to search for a suitable permanent home for the Club. After a site was agreed upon, it took several years of hard work and hours of toil by all the members before ground could be broken in 1968 for the building that stands at 2526 17th Avenue, making it one of the only two garden clubs in Florida to own it's clubhouse. The dedication of the members of the GCIRC in building their clubhouse stands today in worthy commemoration of the Club's formation more than 80 years ago.

The Purpose of the Club

The purpose of the GCIRC is:

  • To educate our members and the public in the fields of gardening, floral design, horticulture, botany, and landscape design.
  • To study and aid in the protection of native plant and bird life.
  • To encourage County Beautification through all available agencies.
  • To study, support and practice conservation of all our natural resources.

In order to make these purposes a reality, it became obvious that fundraisers would be necessary to increase the budget. One is the FLOWER SHOW to be held Saturday March 26th through Sunday the 27th of 2022 at the Garden Club building.


Every circle meeting and Board meeting begins with this prayer:

Lord, grant that in our love of gardening,
We may grow in love of Thee.
From our hearts, we ask Thy blessing
While we toil on bended knee.

We ask Thy care for all things growing,
We pray harsh winds will cease their blowing.
In Thine earth Thy gifts we'll find
The joy of a garden and peace of mind.

Gardenfest! promotes

Communities make gardens grow and gardens help communities grow

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Indian River County Library Archives, Vero Beach Magazine March Edition, "Green Thumbs Up" by Deborah Timmerman, and the Garden Club of Indian River County Members Handbook, 2021-2022.