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The 2023 Garden Club of IRC
32nd Annual Ornament:

Riverside Theatre - Celebrating 50 Years

2022 Gardenfest! Ornament Photo
2021 Garden Club of Indian River County Showcase
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1992 railroad showcase

Riverside Theatre

Built in1973 on 54-acre tract of land designated by the city of Vero Beach as a cultural park, Riverside Theatre was erected with $1.5 million raised solely from private donations. The first few years of its existence, the building served as the home to the Vero Beach Theatre Guild, the local community theatre group, as well as other local arts organizations. In 1980, the Riverside Children’s Theatre (RCT) added education and programming for children and hired a full-time education director a few years later. In 1983, the Board decided to become a professional producing theatre and hired Allen D. Cornell as Artistic Director. In 1983, the Friends of Riverside Theatre started the Celebrity Series with an appearance by Ray Charles, and this series and appearances by celebrities became an integral part of the Theatre’s programming.

The inaugural season for the Riverside Theatre Acting Company followed close behind in 1985-86, Riverside had its first letter of agreement with Actor’s Equity and had established itself as the first and only Equity theatre company on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Riverside has moved on to a LORT B+ (League of Resident Theatre) contract and has grown to be one of the largest producing professional theatres in the State.

In 1986, a rehearsal hall was added -1991, the Agnes Wahlstrom Youth Playhouse (AWYP) became the Riverside Children’s Theatre – 1998, the Anne Morton Theatre (AMT), Riverside’s second stage was opened (built primarily as home to RCT productions, the AMT also served as the site for Riverside 2, the Acting Company’s second stage series and Actors’ Cabaret) – 1999, still more construction, and a Long Range Planning Committee found the renovations of the audience chamber and the addition of a lobby were the primary concerns of the Riverside faithful.

Finally on September 1,2005, a Building Permit for a renovated Riverside Theatre was granted. The new Riverside Theatre opened on schedule in March 2007, to carry Riverside Theater to even greater heights, with a permanent home for the Second Stage, an expansive lobby and a renovated Main Stage audience chamber. All the buildings and renovations have been paid for by generous private contributions.

Ornament designed by Bonnie Pfiester. All process from sale of this ornament will be used by the Garden Club of Indian River County, Inc, for its projects.

The 2023 Gardenfest! Ornament
On the Beauty and the Beach Radio Show with Cindy Goetz.

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Merrill P. Barber's Granddaughter

Merrill P. Barber's Granddaughter purchases the 1994 Merrill P. Barber bridge ornament!

Arlene's Ornaments -front
Arlene's Ornaments back
Carol Fennel's ornament tree
GCIRC Ornament Collection Tree
Merrilu's Ornament Display

Last Year: Gardenfest!

Each year, we our ornaments feature places in Indian River County near and dear to our hearts. Many residents enjoy collecting and gifting these ornaments, eagerly await their arrival. This year we are happy to feature ‘Gardenfest!’. The brass ornament is adorned with our white trellis and colorful flowers.

We are celebrating the 20th year of this much loved event, which is held each year on the first weekend in February Under the Oaks in Vero Beach. 20,000 people attend each year to find plants, herbs, various garden services, garden accessories and local business services. We are grateful and appreciative of the numerous shops that carry these ornaments and sell them for us during the holiday season.

Gardenfest Ornament On Tree

Gardenfest! promotes:

Communities make gardens grow and gardens help communities grow.

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The 2022 Gardenfest! Ornament
On the Beauty and the Beach Radio Show with Cindy Goetz.

The 2022 Ornament in Willi Miller's Art Blast

Willi Miller Art Blast - on the GCIRC 2022 ornament 2
The GCIRC 2022 Ornament in the Willi Miller Art Blast